Dissolved Oxygen Sensor with Advanced Optical Technology and Intelligent Sensor Management

Wouldn’t it be great if you always knew when something was going to go wrong? The boiler at Christmas, the flight cancellation, the motorway snarl up?  Most things unfortunately can’t be planned for. However, the new InPro6860I optical dissolved oxygen sensor from Mettler Toledo will, amazingly, tell you if it requires maintenance before its next use – it’s called predictive diagnostics and saves you time, money and stress!

It’s all part of the Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) that makes the InPro6860I such a boon for the biopharma industry. When combined with advanced optical technology, it means the Mettler Toledo InPro6860I is ideal for a wide range of biopharmaceutical production uses.

Optical sensor measurements are particularly suited to biofermentation processes because they are not prone to extreme drift problems. ISM means that any drift that does occur will be automatically compensated for. The result is greater confidence in the measurements from your dissolved oxygen sensor and this in turn leads to greater batch-to-batch consistency. Plus the InPro6860I has plug-and-measure installation and, for flexibility, it outputs a analogue (9nA) signal for biocontrollers and a digital signal for use with ISM transmitters.

And of course the famous Mettler Toledo attention to detail has produced an O-ring-free and Teflon® coated sensor element that is easy to clean and unlikely to foul. Taken together, along with the user friendliness and robust construction, this is a winning combination of design elements producing a dissolved oxygen sensor that can meet the most stringent of demands - from validation of production processes to direct integration into a bench-top fermenter. Not forgetting the predictive diagnostics – if only the boiler had come with that Christmas would have been a lot more fun last year.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:02:02