The Pulverisette 13 Disk Mill From Fritsch

The Fritsch Pulverisette 13 is a disk mill which presents the ideal grinding solution for batch or continuous grinding of materials ranging from brittle to very hard in consistency to a fine powder. Materials of particle sizes of as large as 20 mm (edge length) can be ground from 12 mm to as fine as 0.1 mm.  It's well suited for processing laboratories due to its high throughput of 150 kilograms per hour (depending on the gap setting and the nature of the sample material) and can be used for applications including pilot scale processing to small scale production such as grinding slag to reclaim valuable precious metals.

This disk mill uses two radial toothed grinding disks which rotate in a counteracting manner to pre-grind materials in the inner chamber - and then finely grind them in the Pulverisette's outer chamber. The fineness of the grind may be set from the outside, either before or during the grinding process.

The Fritsch Pulverisette 13 is ideal for grinding materials including porcelain, clay, ceramics, steatite, coal, coke, slag, ore, glass, soil samples, dried sewage sludge, drilling cores and sediments in the laboratory for ease of analysis. With a rotation speed of 440 rotations per minute, easy adjustability for accurate and reproducible grinding in increments of  0.1 millimeter and a sight glass for visual checking of gap width of samples, the Pulverisette 13 is a reliable disk mill for medium to high throughput processing laboratories.

Features of the Fritsch Pulverisette 13 include:

  • Easy access to the hinged grinding chamber using a centrally located toggle fastener for quick, easy replacement of grinding disks
  • A choice of four material types for grinding disks; this reduces the possibility of contamination due to particles of the grinding disks being worn down during operation
  • Can be combined with the Pulverisette 1 laboratory jaw crusher for continuous grinding of materials from 85 millimeters down to  0.1 millimeters in one process
  • Dust exhauster connection for dust free operation
  • Rotational direction of the motor can be switched, doubling the useful life of the Pulverisette 13's grinding disks

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:08:32