Diaphragm Vaccum Pumps Offer Power And High Flow Rates

Cole-Parmer’s series of vacuum/pressure diaphragm pump systems provide laboratories with a powerful, high performance vacuum and pumping system which offers high flow rates, long life and reliable performance. The WZ-07061-42 is designed for use in a wide variety of small to medium size pumping applications.

These sophisticated high capacity vacuum/pressure pumps go far beyond the capabilities of previous generations of diaphragm pumping technologies. Once used chiefly for filtration and other less demanding tasks, Cole-Parmer’s advanced laboratory pump systems are built to handle the demands of many evaporation and pumping applications. With its small footprint, these pumps are designed for high performance while taking up only the bare minimum of bench space; something which any laboratory can appreciate.

Features of the Cole-Parmer WZ-07061-42 Vacuum/Pressure Diaphragm Pump include:

  • Maximum vacuum of 24” Hg 
  • Maximum pressure of 60 psi 
  • Max temperature 38° C (100° F) 
  • Up to 28.3 L per minute (1.0 cfm) free air capacity 
  • Continuous duty cycle 
  • Durable aluminum/stainless steel construction for long life and reliable performance 
  • Quiet operation (68 dB) 
  • Relief valve for safe, efficient operation 
  • Fan-cooled motor with thermal overload switch to prevent the pump system from being damaged in the event of overheating 
  • Modular design: like other high performance pump systems from Cole-Parmer, the WZ-07061-42 vacuum/pressure diaphragm pump is available with or without valves, regulators and gauges for flexible system configuration.

Date added: 2015-05-25 10:59:26