Density Meters From Mettler

Density meters and instruments which can measure the refractive index of liquids have long been the preferred methods used to ascertain the characteristics of liquids or to find the concentration of one component in a mixture made of two components. This is an essential part of the quality control process in applications where liquid samples are involved – for instance, Brix measurements of sucrose content in a sugar solution or determining the concentration of alcohol in solutions.

Instruments for measuring density and refractive index of liquids are nothing new in the quality control laboratory, though it once was that water baths were needed to ensure the consistent temperatures needed for accurately measuring these qualities, since both depend temperature.  Naturally, using these older generations of density meters meant waiting much longer for measurements than with the latest generations of equipment for measuring liquid densities.

The more accurate, quicker digital instruments for measuring density have become a staple of the QC lab because of their elimination of the possibility of operator error, elimination of the need for water baths and fast, accurate display of results in the unit needed.

Mettler’s newest digital density meters, the DE51 has made measuring the density of liquid samples faster, more accurate and easier than ever before. Features of Mettler Toledo DE51 5-place digital density meters include:

  • Integrated Peltier thermostats
  • Automatic viscosity correction
  • Memory cards for data storage or method transfer
  • Certified, NIST traceable density standards included
  • Output to external PC for data handling, storage or analysis
  • Output to barcode reader
  • Nine user methods (and one extra for adjustment)
  • Connects to Mettler RE40/RE50 refractometers for simultaneous density/refractive index measurement
  • Suitable for automation with SC1 sampling pump and SC30 sample changer
  • The ten previous sets of check and adjustment data from DE51 density meters can be recalled and printed as needed

Date added: 2012-06-30 18:01:33