Top Of The Milk For YSI Dairy Applications

Dairy farming has been an important human activity for thousands of years. It is thought that Goats were domesticated in western Asia between 10,000 and 11,000 years ago and evidence for the domestication of cattle has been found in the eastern Sahara around 9,000 years ago.

Obviously animals would be reared for meat and milk, but there is also considerable evidence, through pottery association, indicating an early origin for dairying, the production of secondary milk products such as butter, cheese and yoghurts.  Evidence dates back as early as the sixth millennium BC for eastern Europe and spreading to northern Europe in the fourth millennium BC.

It seems only fitting then that such an ancient human skill is now benefiting from some of our latest technology.  Immobilised enzyme sensor technology, developed by YSI and applied in their 2900 range of biochemistry analysers, is now assisting successfully in the dairy industry. This fast (results in under 1 min!) and accurate method of analysing chemicals, such as key dairy constituents, is proving valuable in many different dairy-related procedures.

Condensed milk, for example, contains the crucial ingredients, sucrose and dextrose. Condensed milk is made by removing 60% of the milk’s water, followed by the addition of 40-45% sucrose. This product can be analysed on the YSI 2900 Biochemistry Analyser by simply equilibrating a sample with buffer, followed by simultaneous analysis for both sucrose and dextrose on the pre-calibrated, easy to operate, instrument.

In cheese production the levels of lactate and lactose are crucial as cheese hardness is related to lactose concentration, because during the acidification/souring process lactose is converted into lactic acid. Both of these important components can be easily analysed on the YSI 2900, without the need for specialist, highly trained staff. Similarly, lactose levels can be easily controlled in the low-lactose milk manufactured for lactose-intolerant people. Here automation saves time and allows for rapid sample testing and hence speedy cost saving process corrections as well.

The YSI 2900 series of Life Science Analysers can be configured to measure up to six different chemistries and with other features like an integrated autosampler, flexible sampling (including a 96 well-plate option), connectivity and an anti-clogging mechanism, it really does deliver on what it promises. With dairy being such an important part of a growing world-wide food and beverage industry, it appears that the YSI 2900 series of Biochemistry Analysers is making a real contribution to a technology that is a mere 9,000 years old!

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:24:12