Cryo Tanks from Panasonic Come With Full Jacket

Panasonic offers patented cryo tanks with full jacket. This jacket is not only used to ensure constant temperatures of around -190 degrees Celsius, but also to make sure that contents do not come into contact with the liquid nitrogen. The sophisticated design is intended to reduce all risks of cross contamination and the tissue and cryogenic cells will be protected by the extra packaging.

This design allows for maximum capacity, so that the samples can be stored at temperatures that can only be met by using liquid nitrogen.  Additional safety features have also been put in place so the users will be
safe from splashing or direct contact with the LN.  There are four different models of cryo tanks with different ranges of capacity up to a maximum load of forty five thousand 2ml vials.

The design and functionality is very useful when it comes to IVF or other applications that require straw storage. It can also be used to store vitrified samples as small as 0, 1 micro litre. The temperatures are maintained throughout the freezer for temperatures between -190 degrees to 195 degrees Celsius.

Inventory control has been made simple with the carousel that rotates and has three levels of cryo storage. This allows great control over the inventory and also provides a space saving design. The lower and middle levels are typically used for the items that are stored for a longer amount of time and the upper level is often used for manipulating and viewing the samples safely in a controlled -190 degrees Celsius environment. 

To find out about the Panasonic range of Cryo tanks, just click on a link from this page.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:10:19