Cryo Freezing With No Requirement For Liquid Nitrogen

In fields requiring the preservation of cells or tissue samples, easy access to ultra-low temperature refrigeration is a must. While many facilities still use liquid nitrogen (LN2) based storage systems, there can be real advantages to be gained from switching to a non-liquid nitrogen cryo freezer.

The MDF-C2156VAN Cryogenic Freezer from Panasonic Biomedical combines the best features and advantages of non-LN2 freezing in a reliable and state-of-the-art laboratory product. The Panasonic cryo freezer offers measurably lower operating costs, easier maintenance and reduced risk of sample contamination compared to most liquid nitrogen systems.

With a minimum storage temperature of -150°C, the MDF-C2156VAN freezer is the ideal choice for a variety of biomedical applications where ultra-low temperature cryo freezing is required. Crucially, the unit is capable of maintaining samples well below the pure water recrystallization point of -130°C (above which amorphous ice crystals may still form both within and outside cells, potentially adversely affecting sample viability).

By offering a programmable constant temperature between -125°C and -150°C (in one degree increments), the Panasonic MDF-C2156VAN enables the semi-permanent preservation of biological samples by cryogenic freezing. Just a handful of typical application examples include:

- Cancer research (tumour cell preservation)
- Blood and bone marrow preservation
- Bacterial research (virus preservation)
- Sperm and ova (human and veterinary applications)
- Plant cell and pollen preservation
- Superconductivity research

The Panasonic MDF-C2156VAN freezer delivers stable, long term cryogenic storage by utilising the latest technological innovations to improve efficiency and ease of use. Patented VIP PLUS™ cabinet construction uses vacuum insulation panels to reduce the required wall thickness, and therefore maximise storage capacity compared to other cryo freezers with a similar footprint. Cutting edge cascade refrigeration and compressor design also helps ensure rapid ultra-low temperature pull-down, while also ensuring noise levels are kept to a minimum.

Premium performance doesn’t have to mean complexity, and this cryo freezer is surprisingly straightforward to use, with temperatures set and monitored via a simple LCD digital display with clear pop-up menus. Temperature data can be set to record over either a one week or one month basis, and the system also records any occasions on which the freezer lid is opened for more than two minutes.

Ambient conditions are also monitored and a Status Alert system ensures safe and consistent operation. In the event of a refrigeration system failure, the MDF-C2156VAN is also equipped as standard with a liquid nitrogen backup system, making this one of the most reliable cryogenic freezers available today.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:07:29