Compound Storage Solutions From RTS

RTS Life Science is famed for their sample storage and retrieval systems, with their A3 SmaRTStore model being one of the most efficient automated sample storage systems yet developed. Offering a high degree of flexibility and a small footprint in the laboratory, this is a truly future proof system which meets the needs of pharmaceutical companies, academic research organisations, biological sample banks and many other establishments which requires an effective yet low profile automated solution for sample storage and retrieval.

The A3 provides users with an exceptionally reliable automated compound management system, which offers the highest storage density you'll find in any system of its class, together with a high performance coldroom, industrial grade robotics and of course, a uniquely powerful sample tracking and inventory system using d-Sprint software from RTS.

Better still, the A3 SmaRTStore features storage for vials, plates or tubes, all in one compact unit - and it can be easily expanded to hold a growing supply of samples.

It's a lot of flexibility in a surprisingly small space and with its easy integration with LIMS and most proprietary inventory software systems, ease of installation and maintenance (and a capacity of as many as a staggering 360,000 samples) it is becoming the storage solution of choice for any facility where the efficient storage of sample inventories is a must.

In the time that RTS Life Sciences has been in the automated sample management business, the company has provided their advanced sample storage systems to clients small and large, including some of the top names in research, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and the life sciences.

The company's A range of sample management solutions includes not only the aforementioned A3 system, but also models which are designed to suit the storage and retrieval needs of organisations of all sizes and the particular storage requirements of each. From the 360,000 sample capacity of the A3 to the enormous 1,000,000+ capacity of the A5, RTS Life Sciences has a sample storage system for every need.

Date added: 2011-10-16 18:37:03