The YSI 2900 and YSI 2300 Analysers Demonstrate Fully Comparable Human Whole Blood and Plasma Analys

The YSI 2300 analyser, which is no longer commercially available, has been widely accepted by many manufacturers as the method for reference measurements and system calibration of blood glucose monitoring systems. Although YSI’s new 2900D Biochemistry Analyser uses their innovative immobilised enzyme electrode technology for use in research, biotechnology and food-processing applications, it is not specifically designed for clinical diagnostics and sports physiology applications.

YSI’s 2900D is being increasingly adopted as a reference standard by blood glucose monitoring system manufacturers, but specific comparative testing for this function, between the 2300 and the 2900, had not been carried out. It is therefore interesting to see that this has now been addressed.

A report is now available that compares exactly the YSI 2900 and YSI 2300 to evaluate their comparative accuracy and precision for human whole blood and plasma analysis. Two analysers of each model were employed. Non-pooled samples from six lots of human blood from a local blood bank were used for the study to assess instrument validity and reliability, with 288 human whole blood and 288 plasma samples, across a range of values, analysed.

The results, all manufactures of blood glucose monitoring systems will be delighted to hear, were clear cut. The YSI 2900 demonstrated analytical results fully comparable to that of the YSI 2300 on all criteria. If you would like the full details the report is available on the YSI website. 

Date added: 2017-03-15 12:13:21