CO2 incubators range now available in the UK

An expanded range of Esco CO2 incubators is now on sale through UK distributor White Horse Scientific. Available in two new sizes, as well as the original, the Esco CelCulture line-up includes copper chamber, standard and O2 suppressed versions to meet a variety of laboratory needs.

Each type can now be supplied in all three capacities: 50, 170 and 240 litres. For additional sample protection, customers can choose a 100% copper interior chamber and copper shelves which benefit from the well-established anti-microbial products of this metal.

Widely used for the growth and maintenance of cell cultures for scientific research, Esco CelCulture CO2 incubators have important applications in such fields as tissue engineering, in vitro fertilisation, neuroscience and the study of cancer and other mammalian cells.

With their sleek design, proven reliability, intuitive operation – via a user-friendly software interface – and effective performance, these CO2 incubators provide the perfect environment for maintaining samples.

Among many key features are the ULPA filters, which are superior to conventional HEPA filters and give 99.999% efficiency. Air filtration is continuous and the chamber is returned to ISO Class 5 cleanliness in just 13 minutes after the door is closed.

With direct heat and an air jacket, users can be sure of fast, uniform heating, rapid temperature recovery, without overshooting, and a stable chamber environment. High humidity is ensured by precise heating of the water pan, using a base heater, and humidity recovery is accelerated by gentle air flow over the water surface.

The anti-tip shelves, with built-in grip, are easy to dismantle – without tools – for ease of cleaning. Cleanliness is also encouraged by the seamless design and rounded corners of the incubators in general

External surfaces are powder-coated with Esco’s own ISOCIDE™, which kills 99.9% of surface bacteria within 24 hours of exposure. Steel components are electrogalvanised and powder-coated with a white, oven-baked, epoxy-polyester antimicrobial finish

A choice can be made between TC or IR CO2 sensors, which are auto-zeroing. The IR sensor is single-beam, dual-wavelength and drift-free. In the O2 suppressed models, a long-life O2 sensor delivers a stable output signal without influence from CO2. Direct measurement of temperature, CO2 concentration and other atmospheric factors in the chamber is possible via the sample port.

In addition to the standard choices there are many options and accessories which will match the equipment precisely to each laboratory’s requirements. For further information visit the Whitehorse Scientific website by clicking on the web icon above.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:17:37