Clinical Microscope Systems From Olympus

Olympus has been producing high quality clinical microscope products and associated optics since 1920 and in this time has introduced many advances in clinical microscopy including auto-focus and still photography capabilities. The company has also been a leader in the development of laser microscopy technologies. Olympus produces powerful microscopy systems which can be used to observe protein molecules and genes contained within cells – structures which are one millionth of a millimeter.

An industry leader in optical systems which enable observation of the mechanisms on the cellular level in living organisms, Olympus produces molecular imaging solutions which continue to advance the state of the art in the life sciences and medicine, particularly with its clinical microscope and imaging systems. These are the technologies behind breakthroughs in cancer research, regenerative medicine and pharmaceutical research and development.

Olympus’ range of molecular imaging and clinical microscopy systems include laser scanning microscopes and confocal laser scanning microscopes; instruments which allow three dimensional observation of the structures inside living cells. Olympus also produces luminescence imaging systems which enable researchers to observe gene expression in long term studies of living cells, along with a wide variety of other molecular imaging equipment for the life sciences and medical sectors.

The Olympus optics instruments range includes:

The Fluoview 1000MPE Multiphoton Laser Scanning Microscope

The Fluoview is a medical microscope which uses 2 independent infrared lasers to provide multiphoton imaging which synchronizes imaging and laser light stimulation.  This microscope offers pinpoint laser light stimulation of deep areas which single photon systems can’t reach. Three dimensional or site-specific laser light stimulation are both supported by the Olympus Fluoview 100-MPE.

The Olympus FV1000-D Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope

Providing every important function users need in a confocal laser scanning microscope, the FV1000-D offers high speed imaging of living specimens and can accurately capture a full range of information while causing minimal damage to the specimen.  

The FV1000-D is a versatile clinical microscope suitable for a wide variety of imaging applications. It’s high power allow for imaging and laser light stimulation with a single laser while producing low levels of noise and heat for increased user comfort. Two independent laser beams may also be used to independently set wavelengths, imaging and stimulation positions;  stimulation position may be changed during imaging for maximum flexibility.

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