Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry Grade Water From Merck Millipore

The ever increasing sophistication of chromatography and spectrometry instruments has led to a need for purer mass spectrometry water and chromatography water. In order to address these more stringent requirements. Merck Millipore has introduced the new LC-Pak to supplement the efficacy of its already industry leading Milli-Q, Direct-Q, Simplicity and Synergy Type I water purification systems.

The Merck Millipore LC-Pak cartridge is easy to connect to the outlet of all Type 1 Merck Millipore water purification systems, where it increases the purity of the laboratory water produced to TOC levels of less than five parts per billion and a minimal level of trace organic contaminants, making it suitable for use in advanced mass chromatography and spectrometry applications.

The new LC-Pak cartridge is a POD-Pak from Merck Millipore which can be used with any of their systems to provide a cost effective solution for mass spectrometry water or chromatography water. The end result is ultra pure water which is as pure or even purer than that produced by many other far larger and more expensive purification systems available, thanks to Merck Millipore's expertise in laboratory water technologies; their renowned reverse phase silica media is used to virtually eliminate neutral organic traces in water.

It's as easy to use as you'd expect from a Merck Millipore water purification product. The LC-Pak needs to be flushed using 50 mL of methanol to dampen the purification media's pores and then connected to the outlet of any Merck Millipore ultrapure system and flushed for at least ten minutes with pure water. Once prepared, the LC-Pak will provide a minimum of 500 liters of ultrapure mass spectrometry water or chromatography water ideal for the demands of new high-sensitivity LC-MS, MS and UPLC systems. The ultrapure water produced with Millipore water systems and the LC-Pak allow for better results whether the task at hand is extraction, sample dilution, producing a mobile phase or glassware rinsing.

Features of the Merck Millipore LC-Pak include:


  • Easy to connect to all Merck Millipore Type 1 system outlets, including Milli-Q, Synergy, Simplicity and Direct-Q systems
  • Produces at least 500 liters of ultrapure, organics-free water which is meets or exceeds quality standards for bottled water labeled for use in LC-MS applications
  • C18 reverse phase silica water purification at high flow rates whenever and wherever it's needed in the laboratory
  • Efficient, low-cost mass spectrometry water and chromatography water solutions

Date added: 2015-05-25 10:56:14