Chloride Testing Instruments

Jenway (a Bibby Scientific brand) manufactures chloride testing instruments as part of their wide range of scientific equipment. Jenway produces chloride meters for industrial and clinical determination of the chloride concentration in many different types of samples.

In the clinical setting, these meters are suited for testing the chloride concentration of biological samples including plasma, serum, cerebrospinal fluid, sweat and urine. Jenway chloride meters can be used for the testing of any samples which are relatively pH neutral, contain low levels of dissolved solids, have low ionic strength and do not contain silver halides and other silver-reactive compounds.

Features of the Jenway PCLM3 chloride testing meter include:   

  • Operation using proven coulometric titration principle
  • Suitable for industrial or clinical applications
  • Range of 10 to 299mmol/L (clinical) or 10 to 999mg/L (industrial)
  • Reproducibility ±1% for 100µl sample at 100mmol/L; ±1.5% for 20µl sample at 100mmol/L (clinical)
  • Reproducibility ±3mg/L (industrial)
  • Linearity <±1mmol/l or ±1% of concentration value, whichever is greater (clinical)
  • Linearity ±3mg/l or 1% of concentration value, whichever is greater (industrial)
  • Quick, accurate and reliable results
  • Compact design
  • User friendly, easy operation
  • Works with three different sample volumes (20 µl and 100 µl for clinical applications, 500 µl for industrial applications)
  • Automatic indicator alerts operator when reagent replacement or electrode cleaning is needed

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