Centrifugal Mill With Cyclone

If you are looking for a centrifugal mill with the highest rotational speeds, which produces the finest grinding results for the widest range of materials, in the shortest times, then look no further than the FRITSCH Variable Speed Rotor Mill PULVERISETTE 14. Equipped with the FRITSCH cyclone, this really is the instrument for all your difficult comminution requirements. Heat sensitive materials, such as specialised powder coatings and certain plastics, the smooth pre-crushing and fine grinding of hard brittle to soft and the grinding of materials with residual moisture, like leaves, teas or herbs, all benefit from the PULVERISETTE 14 approach.

Key to the PULVERISETTE’s success is its advanced air routing and the powerful air vortex created by the FRITSCH Cyclone. Together they greatly reduce the thermal load on the sample resulting in a higher throughput with less sieve ring clogging and hence reduced mill cleaning.

Another great advantage is that the Cyclone airflow directs the ground sample directly into a glass bottle. This type of sample collection is ideal because the bottle can be easily unscrewed for transport, storage or analysis. The PULVERISETTE can also be used with very problematic samples such as synthetic resins, styrene, polyester, foils, PE, PP and PVC, all of which might require liquid nitrogen embrittling.

The PULVERISETTE has a maximum feed size of 10mm and is also suited for small sample sizes (5-10 ml). With a variable speed adjustment (6,000 – 20,000 rpm) and automatic rotational speed readjustment for constant grinding, the throughput from the PULVERISETTE is between 0.05l an 5 l/h. Final fineness D50 is <40micron with sieve inserts sized between 0.08 – 6mm. Add on the rapid-action clamping lock and easy exchange of the stainless steel, titanium, TiN-coated and WC-coated grinding parts and you have a highly sophisticated but eminently usable instrument. Plus, ever sensitive to your individual needs, FRITSCH are more than happy to talk about configuring the PULVERISETTE 14 with Cyclone to your individual needs. This is one instrument that is certainly more than a storm in a teacup.

Date added: 2013-08-28 14:38:52