CEM introduces iPower™ technology to revolutionise moisture/solids analysers

By the introduction of iPower™ technology, which uses a multi-frequency energy source, CEM have produced a remarkable innovation in Moisture/Solids Analysis.

The new SMART 6™ from CEM is a new generation of Moisture/Solids Analysers, with significant advantages in time and accuracy, when compared with IR drying and previous other microwave-based systems. The improvement lies in CEM’s patented iPower™ technology and its application of a multi-frequency energy source; low frequencies to quickly remove free moisture and fully penetrate the sample and higher frequencies to remove bound water and non-polar solvents in a uniform heating environment.

The result is that the new SMART 6™ with iPower™ technology is a drying system that produces faster and more precise results than IR drying or previous microwave systems, for both wet and dry samples. Materials and products that have proven difficult to analyse previously e.g. snack foods, dairy powders, pharmaceutical materials, low moisture plastics and non-polar chemical solvents, are now all amenable to analysis. Test and analysis runs can now produce results in close to 60 seconds, which is less than half the run time using other direct analysis methods.

Plus the new SMART 6™ with iPower™ technology is remarkably easy to use thanks to CEM’s One Touch Methods™, a powerful software package with an extensive library of optimised CEM methods, along with iDri advanced analysis.

Michael J. Collins, President and CEO of CEM Corporation, is very clear in his appraisal of their product: “never before has a moisture analyser been able to offer so much, with the ability to have the fastest testing and most accurate data for any sample type.” He further adds: “The world of moisture and solids analysis will never be the same again.”

CEM, with their new SMART 6™ with iPower™ technology, really do seem to have produced a game changer.

Date added: 2015-10-25 23:01:15