Have a Break Have a FAST Trac, for Fast and Accurate Chocolate Analysis

Willy Wonka aside, chocolate production, alas, is not a magic process. It is, in fact, an involved procedure that requires careful control of each stage, from the initial cocoa bean treatment, roasting, grinding and pressing right up to the final snack or confection manufacturing.

Consistency of the end product is vital or suppliers and customers will no doubt be disappointed. Careful monitoring at every stage of production, particularly for fat and moisture levels, is thus desirable, less viscosity or flavour can be affected.

Unfortunately most quality control equipment is not up to the challenges that chocolate manufacture offers; particularly when assessing fat and moisture content in all the different forms involved: the raw bean, the powder, the butter and the liquor. And, importantly, to do this job rapidly and reliably so that production runs aren’t lost or compromised.

This is where CEM’s FAST Trac fat and moisture analyser excels and you can get the full story on this particular 'chocolate analysis' application by clicking on the PDF document icon on the right of this page.

The new generation of NMR-based systems developed by CEM is the only instrument on the market that uses an NMR magnet for the moisture and fat analysis of powder ingredients, raw beans, liquor and the finished cocoa powder. This shows remarkable flexibility and what’s more, it can carry out the analysis in less than two minutes, without the use of potentially harmful solvents or glassware, which is fast enough to allow real time production changes, saving you time and money.

The FAST Trac uses official AOAC dairy product methods and is more accurate than FTIR, NIR and FT-NIR systems and equivalent to much longer reference techniques. Calibration is also fast, and cheap, requiring just three samples. After a method is created changes to source, granularity, colour, texture or additives will not effect results.

CEM’s FAST Trac, thanks to their patent pending QuikPrep™ Technology and IFM™ Technology, is the ideal choice for all phases of chocolate production accurately and precisely determining moisture and fat content in raw beans, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and liquor without concern for colour or composition. Tasty, one might say!

Date added: 2015-11-18 18:32:47