YSI Offers Online Monitoring Of Cell Culture Bioreactors

There are a number of options available from YSI for the online monitoring and control of the important analytes in cell culturing applications using bioreactors. For example, the SEG-FLOW 804M from Flownamics used alongside YSI's biochemistry analyzer. Together, the two instruments offer an automated solution to on-line analysis.

Since 1995, Flownamics has been providing the biotech sector with high quality yet user friendly products designed to improve bioreactor and fermentation processes. The company's products have helped to advance research and optimize production processes in laboratories and production facilities worldwide.

Flownamics' SEG-FLOW 804M is a compact, self contained instrument which uses a FISP cell-free sampling probe to sample from as many as eight bioreactor vessels, These samples can then be delivered to the YSI 2900 series analyzer or to as many as four connected analyzers. This sampling system can be used as a feed control system for each bioreactor vessel, providing a constant level of nutrients in cell cultures.

Measurement data is sent back from the YSI 2900 to the SEG-FLOW unit and from there sent to a connected PC running Flow-Web software; a pump or other feed system may then be activated depending on the target concentration of analytes and the measurement data received. Each bioreactor vessel can output report data via several outputs. Sample sizes of as small as 1 milliliter can be handled quickly with the utmost accuracy; and as many as eight separate vessels or sample streams may be tested simultaneously - and when Flownamics' FISP probe is used for sampling, this can be a truly cell free sampling system.

This is an easy to install and use system which provides an exceptionally low cost of ownership. The system can be easily controlled using any PC or smart phone running Flow-Web software and measurement data logged and exported for reporting.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:10:02