Buy Research Chemicals From Alfa Aesar

When they’re looking to buy research chemicals, pharmaceutical companies, research laboratories and a variety of other firms across a wide range of industries turn to Alfa Aesar. Under a number of different brand names, Alfa Aesar produces the research chemicals needed for a wide variety of applications. They are also leaders in providing photovoltaic substances, analytical standards and pharmaceutical development services for a wide variety of organisations around the world.

Alfa Aesar's product ranges include pure elements and precious metal compounds including Osmium, Ruthenium, Iridium, Rhodium, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Palladium under the brand name Premion, all at minimum purities of 99.9%.

There is also the REacton range of rare earth metals, compounds and alloys, including Halides, Carbonates, Nitrates, Oxides, Acetates and others. These products are also guaranteed to be at industry leading minimum standards of purity.

Of particular interest to anyone looking to buy research chemicals are the Alfa Aesar Specpure and Puratronic brands; these consist of solutions designed for analytical chemistry and high purity (99.9995% 99.9999%) metal powders and inorganic compounds.

Alfa Aesar manufactures a range of salts at purities of 99.9% and up for moisture and air sensitive applications under the Ultra Dry label, and the SpectroFlux range of alkali metal borate fluxes - including fluxes for ICP analysis, optical and X-ray spectrometry, spectrophotometry and other analytical methods.

The company does more than simply separate and package these chemicals; Alfa Aesar has been directly responsible for the development of thousands of molecules which are vital components of many pharmaceuticals and other products both for the consumer and business to business markets. This is hardly news to anyone whose work calls for them to buy research chemicals, though  this is far less known outside of the research and pharmaceutical sectors.

The analytical chemistry expertise gained in Alfa Aesar’s fifty plus years in the industry are what allows them to consistently produce research chemicals of leading quality.

Even though it may never make the company a household name outside of the lab, Alfa Aesar can claim to be a name known in virtually every analytical chemistry and pharmaceutical research and development laboratory on the planet; a reputation which has made them the go-to source when laboratories need to buy research chemicals or have new ones developed.

You can also find information about their range of fluoroaromatics product here.

Date added: 2012-04-25 12:41:55