The M4 TORNADO 2D Micro-XRF for Highly Sensitive and Non- Destructive Element Analysis

The M4 TORNADO is an ingenious and elegant solution to non-destructive element analysis, brought to you by the Bruker Corporation, which combines the very latest in X-ray generation and detection technology with exceptional usability.

The large vaccuum sample chamber of the M4 TORNADO and the EasyLoad function allows the 2D analysis of a wide range of different samples, solid or liquid, inorganic or organic, smooth or rough, large or small, to produce a powerful, yet easy-to-use instrument.

With TurboSpeed stage travel speeds of a maximum 100 mm/s, sample positioning through a fish-eye camera and two optical video microscopes plus an auto focus function for sample height setting, the M4 TORNADO is remarkably easy to use.

Accuracy has not been compromised for convenience though. Thanks to the use of polycapillary X-ray optics high fluorescence intensities are generated on even the smallest sample areas.

The optics also allow radiation to be focussed from a large solid angle and concentrated on spots < 25 μm for Mo-K radiation. The M4 TORNADO is equipped with Bruker’s renowned XFlash® silicon drift detector (SDD) technology. This produces count rates of > 310 kcps, in single detector mode, combined with an energy resolution < 145 eV.

Acquisition times <1 ms per pixel allows for an initial element distribution overview within minutes. A more refined analysis can be added through additional frames. The high precision of the TurboSpeed permits routine multi-frame measurements and longer acquisition speeds provide even more analytical details. Quantification is of the high stadard expected from Bruker.

There is distribution analysis with HyperMap, which collects complete data sets and supports offline data evaluation and high quality mosaic (tiled) imaging, featuring shadow correction and stitching, for large area maps.

This incredibly versatile instrument can even be customised to provide higher analysis speed and to extend measurement ranges. A second tube with a different target and a collimator can also be installed, as can a second SD detector capable of increasing analysis speeds even further.

The M4 TORNADO’s versatility makes it suitable for a very wide range of applications such as forensic analysis, including the examination of gunshot residue and paint layers; geology, including mineral content distribution in ores; environmental analysis for the Restriction of the use of hazardous substances (RoHS) and the biosciences. As far as non-destructive element analysis goes, the M4 TORNADO from Bruker, really is exceptional in every way.

Date added: 2015-05-25 14:30:14