Bioportide Production using CEM Microwave Technology Paves the Way for new Contraceptive

A newly synthesised bioportide has been identified as a possible male contraceptive from early studies on bovine and human sperm. Bioportides are a class of bioactive cell-penetrating peptides that can modulate cellular dynamics. In this case the action of the bioportide is to prevent sperm calls from swimming and hence fertilising an egg.

Such a peptide developed as a contraceptive, perhaps in a spray form, could have wide-reaching consequences for family planning and be a boon in relationships where women have problems using the female contraceptive pill. The products of previous attempts at producing a male pill have all had undesirable consequences. This approach produces a temporary, but highly effective, action and so far has been shown to not have any lasting side effects. The reduction in sperm motility is obvious mere seconds after addition of the peptide bioportide to a semen sample.

This bioportide has been developed by the team of Professor John Howl at the University of Wolverhampton and IVF experts at Aveiro University in Portugal using microwave-based synthesis equipment produced by CEM. Their instruments, including the award-winning Liberty Blue, have made peptide research and synthesis much more effective by reducing production times while sometimes even improving yield and purity. Peptides that once might have taken days to produce can now be synthesised in hours and the synthesis of even ‘difficult’ peptides has now also become much easier.  

The methodology is remarkably straightforward to carry out and CEM have also helped maximise the speed and efficiency of peptide production by selling pre-weighed amino acids in proprietary centrifuge tubes. Researchers can now simply dissolve, dilute and thread the ready-to-go centrifuge tube directly onto the Liberty Blue without any fuss. Peptide production has never been easier.

Bioportides appear to be useful for a number of drug and research uses, including Parkinson’s treatment. CEM’s microwave instrumentation is enabling faster peptide production and speeding up this important research. 

Date added: 2017-01-16 17:16:56