As Sweet As... the YSI Biochemistry Analyser

It’s hard to say exactly when the meaning of the word ‘sweet’ evolved to additionally mean ‘working, moving, or done smoothly or easily’ and ‘extremely fit for purpose’..... and as it happens, is a befitting description for the YSI 2900 Series of Biochemistry Analysers!

The more traditional usage is still to denote the taste sensation that is craved by most people on a far too regular basis. ‘As sweet as honey’ is a common analogy we all know. This sweetness in honey is caused by two main sugars: fructose (approx. 38%) and glucose (approx. 31%). The exact amounts of each sugar depend upon the flowers to which the bees have access. Obviously, if you are a commercial producer you need to be able to measure the amounts of each for quality assurance purposes.

Interestingly the glucose level also defines whether the honey will be a clear honey (low glucose) or a set honey (high glucose), which crystallises quicker. It is no surprise then to learn that for many years honey manufacturers have used the YSI Biochemical Analyser to quantify the amounts of different sugars in honey. Glucose and Sucrose are just two of the many chemistries it can measure – up to six simultaneously – which also includes lactate, glutamine, glutamate, ammonium, potassium, xylose, ethanol, methanol, glactose, lactose, choline, glycerol and hydrogen peroxide.

It is easy to use and extremely reliable and the new YSI 2900 series allows larger scale automated sampling – including 96 well plates. And it achieves this in 1 minute or less, with flexible connectivity and special anti-clogging mechanisms. The YSI Biochemistry Analyser all works so easily and smoothly there is, of course, only one word for it: “sweet!”

To download the 'Sucrose in Molasses application note, just click on the pdf link on the right hand side.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:25:14