A Modular Approach To Biochemical Analysis

More and more people are taking a modular approach to design and why not? It saves on resources, it saves on space and there is an undeniable feeling of satisfaction upon seeing a well thought out piece of equipment functioning modularly. The 2950, newly launched from YSI, is a case in point.

The 2900 biochemistry analyser series has been a real aid for measuring chemistries, nutrients and sugars in the Biofuel, Biopharm, Bioprocess, beverage and food markets. Now, with the addition of the modular 2950, YSI have extended its capabilities even further.

The 2950 can be configured to measure up to six chemistries (3 sensor modules) from an ever-extending list that includes Glutamate, Lactate, Glutamine, Ethanol, Methanol, Sucrose, Xylose, Galactose, Glucose, Lactose, Choline, Hydrogen Peroxide and Glycerol. And results, reaching new levels of accuracy and reliability, are obtained within one minute - or even faster! Not forgetting ISE measurement of Ammonium and Potassium. The 2950 also comes with flexible sampling and connectivity, an integrated auto sampler and a unique anti-clogging mechanism.

The 2900 series can accept a wide range of holders: 4,8 and 24 place test tube holders, standard 96 well and microcentrifuge tubes. And there is no need to worry if you work with volatile materials like ethanol and methanol, a ‘sipper’ needle allows you to pierce and sample through a variety of sealing films.

The whole multi-platform system is easy to operate thanks to the large icon-driven touch screen (programmable in a number of languages) and there are even integrated training videos.

Modularity and functionality, who could ask for more?

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:14:33