The Sky’s The Limit For YSI's Biochemical Analysers

What’s that in the sky? Well, it's a plane... but this is not just any plane though!

Seen flying on June 19th in the skies over the Rio+20 U.N. Conference for Sustainable Development, being hosted in Rio de Janiero, this plane was fuelled by the renewable jet biofuel AMJ 700 from Amyris and YSI were on board too, thanks to their Biochemistry Analyser technology.

Analysers from YSI, utilising immobilized enzyme techniques have been crucial to the development of biofuels in research laboratories throughout the world, including the U.S.A. company Amyris. This was very much a maiden flight for the biofuel, which now meets the most stringent demands of the aviation industry.

YSI were therefore delighted to be associated with such an important, and successful event, one that could mark a radical change in mankind’s relationship with air travel. Amyris use modified algae, small microorganisms, to convert cane sugar into the hydrocarbon, which if widely adopted could result in a 82% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions when compared with fossil-derived equivalents.

And YSI analysers are at hand to carry out rapid ‘one-minute’ tests for ethanol (and other compounds such as glucose, xylose or glycerol) to contribute to this major advance in aviation technology.

Amyris, founded in 2003, are using their expertise in synthetic biology platforms to address the need for alternatives to a wide range of petroleum-based products. YSI, with the 2700 analyser, and also now with their latest and most efficient analyser, the 2900, will be beside them at every step of development, providing the assistance that helps ensure that every renewable chemical and biofuel performs as well, if not better, than the petroleum-based equivalent.

Amyris and YSI, you could say that together they are going places.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:08:54