Automatic Pipette System From Eppendorf

The first automatic pipette system for cell culture applications, Eppendorf's epMotion 5070 CB raises the bar for efficiency and reliable performance in the life science research laboratory. The 5070 CB is an entirely new automated pipettes solution which brings the efficiency of automation to liquid handling operations in the cell culture laboratory environment, even inside of a fume hood or cell culture bench.

One of the most time consuming tasks in the life sciences laboratory is handling cells; something which the epMotion 5070 CB automatic pipette system is designed to streamline through automation. The 5070 CB can automate tedious processes including media changes, cell seeding and cytotoxicity, apoptosis and cell-based  assays. The instrument can handle well plates with anywhere from 6 to 384 wells, allowing for higher throughput and greater efficiency in the cell culture lab. Since the epMotion 5070 CB automatic pipette is designed for use with fume hoods, it's ideal for pipetting potentially hazardous liquid substances, handling infectious material and for microbiological applications.

Features of the Eppendorf epMotion 5070 CB include:

  • Compatible with all major laminar flow hoods
  • Compatible with virtually all brands of cell culture bench
  • Pipetting tools are autoclavable; sterile tips are available as well
  • CE certified
  • Comes with predefinitions for the most common cell culture labware, reducing configuration and setup time needed
  • The 5070 CB has Eppendorf's unique light barrier which monitors the bench front door when closed


The Eppendorf epMotion 5070 CB automatic pipette system is available in PC-controlled versions and a version with integrated control panel.

Date added: 2015-05-25 13:09:43