Automated Crystallisation Screening With The HEL CrystalSCAN

Solubility studies are one of the most important steps in many chemical research and development applications. HEL's Crystal Scan automated crystallisation screening product has made it easier than ever to measure the solubility of multiple samples in parallel as well as their recrystallisation temperature with one convenient benchtop reactor system.

The HEL CrystalSCAN is an eight reactor system (a four reactor version is also available) featuring independent controls for temperature and stirring which is designed for parallel synthesis. Offering controlled dilution pumps and HEL's own turbidity probe technology, the CrystalSCAN is a fast and efficient tool which enables automation of solubility testing and MSZW evaluation of samples in real time.

The system is available with a reflux and inerting manifold and block, along with adapters for a variety of reactors, tubes and vials. This configuration permits chemists to use a single connection for their water supply and inert gases, use conventional condensers for solubility testing and recrystallisation determination applications and to quickly adjust the system for inerting and condensing purposes. Additionally, the CrystalSCAN's inerting block seals make it easy to remove attached condensers without spilling cooling liquid.

A range of stirring options is available, with individual stirring motors being fitted beneath each reactor zone, though the system is also compatible with overhead motor stirring where the application requires more vigorous agitation. This is available as a separate module in either high torque or high speed motors.

Every zone in the HEL CrystalSCAN features its own separate heater and temperature sensors, though more sensors may be added to each reactor as needed. Each zone operates independently, with possible temperature differentials between one zone and the next of as much as 100 degrees Celsius. The system is an ideal solution for laboratories which deal with a high throughput of solubility and recrystallisation testing and demand all of the accuracy, speed and reliability that HEL's bench reactor systems are known for.

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Date added: 2015-05-25 13:15:29