Analytical Standards From Alfa Aesar

The purity of Alfa Aesar’s SpecPure analytical standards product line is something which is well known in research laboratories and other facilities around the globe. In laboratories where spectroscopic and spectrometric applications are part of the routine workload, these products are essential to the quick and accurate determination of elemental concentration.

The SpecPure range includes atomic absorption standards for furnace or flame absorption spectroscopy – the Alfa Aesar atomic absorption standards line of products include 70 different single element aqueous solutions which are available in 100 ml and 500 ml containers. All of Alfa Aesar’s atomic absorption analytical standards solutions are 1000 μg/ml.

Alfa Aesar also produces plasma standards for DCP, ICP and MS-ICP spectrometry in the same range of 70 elements in 50 ml,  100 ml and 500 ml sizes. SpecPure plasma standards are available in 1,000 ppm and 10,000 ppm varieties and are designed for rapid sequential or simultaneous determination of elemental concentrations.

Features of Alfa Aesar’s SpecPure standards range include:

  • ± 1.0 accuracy for all SpecPure atomic absorption standards
  • ± .3 accuracy for SpecPure plasma standards (in relation to the concentration on product label)
  • One year guarantee from shipping date
  • Sticker with expiration date included on every container of SpecPure analytical standards
  • Produced from ASTM Type I deionized water and top quality materials for unparalleled purity and accuracy
  • Every container of SpecPure standard solution includes a Certificate of Analysis (NIST traceable)
  • Produced under Alfa Aesar’s ISO certified quality control standards and systems

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