Amino Acid Analysis with the Biochrom30

A dedicated, powerful amino acid analysis solution, the Biochrom30 is perfectly suited for industrial quality control applications where amino acid testing may be required around the clock, every day of the week.

The Biochrom 30 Physiological System uses an EU commission directive 98/64/EC compliant Ninhydrin detection/ion exchange chromatography and AOAC-method measurements of total amino acid content as well as free amino acid content in foodstuffs.

With a long lasting acid and base resistant column which can withstand high concentrations of salts, the Biochrom30 amino acid analyzer offers durable, robust and user friendly instrument and method for amino acid analysis. The instrument is also cost-effective to operate: it can be re-optimized and regenerated to allow for lower costs, minimal waste and a long product life.

The Biochrom30 is compatible with a wide variety of sample types and has a precision on-peak area of better than 1.5% RSD due to its Ninhydrin-enabled online post-column derivatization of amino acids.

Peak separation of samples is over 95% with common amino acid profiles, with as many as 45 amino acids in a single run with lithium systems, including Ornithine and Taurine, hydroxylated amino acids like Hydroxylysine and Hydroxyproline and oxidized amino acids including Methionine Sulfone and Cysteic acid.

Two buffer systems are available for Biochrom 30 amino acid analysis systems. Both of these buffers are designed for analysis of foodstuffs, with an accelerated buffer system available for laboratories and QC departments dealing with high sample throughputs. Measurement and analysis of specific amino acids such as Taurine or Lysine can be streamlined with Biochrom’s short methods and a range of Polyamine analysis accessories are also available.

Biochrom’s dedicated team of amino acid analysis support specialists are available worldwide for technical and scientific support.

For more information about the Biochrom amino acid analysis products, please use the links from this page.

Date added: 2015-05-24 10:51:45