XRF Spectrometer for High Speed Analysis

Bruker Nano GMBH seem determined to do their best to bring the world of ‘Bladerunner' and similar science fiction classics that much closer. If you cast your mind back, technology ‘in the future' was always supposed to consist of shiny tabletop boxes that you easily placed any one of a number of unprepared samples into and almost instantaneously, ping! There were your results!

Well, with the M4 TORNADO µ-XRF spectrometer Bruker Nano are getting very close to this ideal situation. The M4 TORNADO is a powerful design of µ-XRF spectrometer that does indeed sit very easily on your tabletop, or desk top, for that matter. It takes an enormous range of specimens in the large sample chamber - heterogeneous composition, irregularly shapes, smooth or rough surfaces - and gives you results in a remarkably short time. Yes, in many cases even without specimen preparation. The M4 TORNADO will function at ambient, or under vacuum (for the detection of lighter elements) and it is fast, very fast.

At the heart of Bruker Nano's M4 TORNADO µ-XRF spectrometer is their XFlash® detectors. These work on the drift chamber principle which means that they are exceptionally small and lightweight, robust too. The use of silicon drift x-ray detectors - with very high purity silicon, low leakage current and thermoelectric cooling by the Peltier effect - results in superior energy resolution and the shortest of measuring times. Plus there is even space for 2 detectors - meaning even faster speeds and enhanced information collection is possible.

Efficient excitation is provided by polycapillary X-ray optics, generating high fluorescence intensities, even on very small areas; spots down to 25 μm for Mo-K radiation. Further flexibility is offered by the optional use of two X-ray tubes, which enables potent excitation of special groups of elements in your sample. And all of this is taking place on the TurboSpeed ‘x-y-z' stage, operating at speeds up to 200 mm/s, whilst still allowing continuous data acquisition.

Of course, to properly qualify for a ‘Bladerunner' award specimens must be easily loaded and we want a stunning information display - two mores boxes ticked for the M4 TORNADO µ-XRF spectrometer thanks to the EasyLoad specimen exchange and a software suite (ESPRIT) built on Bruker's proven expertise in EDS.

The speed, power and flexibility of this micro x ray fluorescence spectrometer makes it eminently suitable for a whole raft of applications, from biosciences to computing, and from forensics to geology - taking in the odd ‘Old Master' examination along the way.

So there we have it, Bruker Nano's M4 TORNADO: the µ-XRF spectrometer of tomorrow - here today. It's got a nice shiny box too.

For more information, please contact Bruker on +49 721 509970 or click on the web link to go to a dedicated page on the Bruker website.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:50:18