X Ray Diffraction From Bruker AXS

The D2 CRYSO is a bench-top system that determines the crystal lattice orientation of a single crystal using a patented method of energy dispersive X ray diffraction. A ‘white' X-ray beam hits a single crystal. The direction of a diffracted ‘monochromatic' beam is defined by the Laue condition, while the wavelength is measured using an energy dispersive detector.

By varying the sample rotation around the crystal surface axis it is possible to determine the direction of the corresponding crystallographic axis. When two crystallographic directions are determined, the orientation of the crystal with respect to axes normal to and parallel to the surface can be calculated.

The energy dispersive X-ray diffraction technology used by the D2 has two distinct advantages over traditional instruments. Complex rotation angles are no longer required. Devices are small and compact and measuring time can be reduced to a few minutes.

Operating the D2 CRYSO couldn't be easier. The crystal is simply placed on the flat horizontal specimen disc and the lid closed. Once a series of measurements have been taken a button is pushed and a report is created. This means that even novice users can get the job done quickly and precisely.

Date added: 2012-05-03 13:54:54