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Solar panels using thin layer photovoltaic cells made largely from Copper, Indium, Gallium and Selenium (CIGS) and thin-layer cells composed of Copper, Indium and Selenium (CIS) are a new alternative to the bulky blue reflective silicon solar panels currently in use. These new CIGS and CIS solar cells are projected to be cheaper to produce as well as cheaper for the end user to purchase.

Fischer’s EDXRF Analyzer provides precise, reliably accurate measurements of the thickness of these solar cells for quality control applications with advanced X ray analysis. The efficient operation of this new generation of solar panels relies on producing the cells at exactly the right thickness – something which is a closely guarded trade secret. In order to achieve maximum efficiency, the absorber layer’s thickness and the proportion of Selenium, Gallium and Indium used in its composition must be within very narrow parameters.

Fischer’s energy dispersive X ray analysis fluorescence systems provide a contact-free, non-destructive analysis technique for determining the coating thickness and precise composition of thin-layer CIGS cells.

Using Fischer’s WinFTM software, the CIGS layer as well as the thin CdS and ZnO layers can be measured, along with the underlying Mo-layer and glass substrate composition if required. Fischer’s X ray analysis systems provide a comprehensive analysis of composition and thickness to ensure quality control and high performance.

Application in the measuring laboratory

For measuring or testing laboratory applications, semiconductor detectors such as those used in Fischer’s X-ray devices are always preferable. These instruments provide the highest accuracy when measuring the
mission-critical proportions of Indium, Gallium and Selenium in solar cells. For smaller objects, Fischer’s X-Ray XAN-DPP is the best solution.

When surface scanning larger objects to ensure that the correct proportions of Indium, Gallium and Selenium are consistent across the entire panel is required, X ray analysis instruments featuring a programmable XY-measurement stage are optimal. The Fischer XDV-SD and X-Ray XDAL are perfectly suited to these applications.

Reliable, Repeatable and Accurate Measurement

Fischer’s XDV-SD provides CIS layer thickness measurements with a repeatability of better than 0.01 µm. Measurements of layer composition (Cu, Ga, Se) at best in the .03% - .09% range with a 100 second measuring time.

Fischer’s advanced solutions for process monitoring and process and quality control allow manufacturers to ensure high quality and the optimal efficiency performance of their products with accurate, reliable X ray analysis of coating thickness and composition within even the strictest parameters.

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