PureWeld Weldable Pump Tubing From Watson-Marlow

Tubing is one of the most essential supplies for companies in the pharmaceutical industry and laboratories in the life sciences; and Watson-Marlow is known as a leading supplier of tubing for both sectors. With the company's new PureWeld ACDF (free of animal derived components) weldable tubing, laboratories and production facilities all around the globe now have access to an easy to assemble, securely joined tubing for bio-pharmaceutical applications which provides a fluid path free of connectors available in bore sizes ranging from .5 millimeters to 25.4 millimeters.

Made from a high quality Class VI FDA and USP certified thermoplastic elastomer, PureWeld tubing is a cost effective solution for high performance, high accuracy pumping applications. The material is exceptionally low in leachables and is suitable for use with peristaltic pumps, having a very low degree of internal spallation. It's ideal for uses including the transfer of high purity water, filling and dispensing fluids in sterile environments, fermentation and cell media, filtration, vaccine production and a variety of other fluid handling applications. It can be sterilized with an autoclave, ethylene oxide or with gamma radiation.

PureWeld is incredibly easy to weld and heat seal to create a tubing solution which meets the specific demands of a wide range of uses; and due to the tubing being free of animal derived components, it's safe to use in life sciences and pharmaceutical applications. With this new offering, Watson-Marlow has once again raised the bar for high quality tubing in the laboratory and research and development environments.

It's never been easier to create connection free, securely connected fluid paths for virtually any use. Easy to assemble, easy to sterilize and perfectly suited for use with peristaltic pumps and many other common laboratory fluid handling systems, PureWeld is all but certain to become the tubing of choice in the pharmaceutical industry and the life sciences.

Date added: 2012-04-04 14:50:27