Water Quality Testing and Water Analysis Systems From Astech

Astech’s water analysis and water quality testing solutions are designed to address the common water tests required for regulatory compliance. The company produces a system suitable for handling virtually every water testing application: clean water testing, waste water testing, microbiological testing and tests for organics.

Astech is famous for delivering innovative, fully automated solutions and its water testing systems are no exception. Fully automated testing, sample storage, sub-sampling, sample analysis and a full featured data management system are included in these advanced testing systems. Sample tracking has also been thought of, with tracking being provided by the use of RFID tags or barcodes throughout the automated water analysis and water quality testing process.  

Astech’s fully automated water quality testing systems include:

  • Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)
  • Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
  • pH testing
  • Color, conductivity and turbidity analysis capabilities
  • Microbiology prep and plate count
  • Organics sample prep and automated sample analysis

Like all Astech process automation solutions, there are advanced features which include:

  • An intuitive, easy to use graphical interface with Astech-developed GUI applications
  • Sophisticated data management systems with LIMS connectivity
  • Real-time parallel operation with Astech’s advanced real-time state engine
  • CE/UL marking as appropriate
  • Safety Of Machinery regulatory compliance
  • ATEX (Explosive Atmosphere) assessment and compliance

Astech Projects has thought of everything, a hallmark of their water quality testing and water analysis as it is of every automated solution and testing system the company produces. Their commitment to innovation ensures their customers of being up to the minute, if not ahead of their time.

Other products and services available from Astech include blood analysis products, urine analysis and drug delivery system solutions.

Date added: 2015-05-27 01:10:20