Volumetric Glassware Products From Schott

Made from Schott's own borosilicate chemically resistant DURAN glass, the volumetric glassware manufactured by the Schott Company are among the highest quality pieces of lab glassware available for the laboratory environment. Ideal for accurate measurement of liquid volumes and storing solutions, these flasks, cylinders, pipettes and burettes are essential items for every laboratory.

Schott's glassware range includes DURAN glass cylinders for measuring and mixing. Resistant to thermal shock and mechanical stress, these durable volumetric cylinders are suitable for mixing liquid components of solutions in precise volume ratios or for dilution purposes.

As you'd expect, all Schott DURAN volumetric cylinders feature hexagonal bases for maximum stability when standing and to prevent rolling when the cylinder is on its side. Like all Schott volumetric glassware, the walls are designed for uniform thickness in order to eliminate the risk of graduation errors due to tapering. The cylinders are accurate in accordance with ISO 4788, DIN 12680 and DIN 12685 standards; each cylinder is calibrated at a reference temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.

Schott bulb pipettes and graduated pipettes are made from Schott AR-GLAS and are designed for accurate liquid transfer and measurement. Bulb pipette models are suitable for the transfer of specific quantities of liquid materials, while Schott's graduated AR-GLAS pipettes are capable of taking up and measuring any liquid volume up to their maximum capacity and dispensing different volumes of liquids as needed.

Designed specifically for titration, Schott burettes are manufactured using DURAN borosilicate glass and provide accurate readings of liquid volume following the end point of the reaction. This volumetric glassware is highly chemically resistant and is calibrated at a reference temperature of 20 degrees Celsius to ensure accuracy and repeatability.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:16:23