Viscosity Analysis With The Brookfield DV-III Rheometer

Brookfield Engineering's new DV-III range of rheometer instruments raises the bar for other viscosity measurement and analysis systems to follow. The DV-III range includes rheometers designed for working with low, medium and high viscosity materials (the LV, MV and HA/HB models, respectively), allowing users the flexibility to choose exactly the right instrument for the demands of their particular viscosity measurement applications.

Every one of these rheometers is made with Brookfield's characteristic attention to precise, accurate performance, durability and ease of use. These are without a doubt the most user friendly rheometer instruments currently on the market for predicting the behavior of viscous materials when flowing or being pumped or sprayed through study of its shear rate profile. The DV-III's easy to read display continuously shows temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, Viscosity in mPa or cP, shear rate and stress, torque expressed as a percentage, spindle and system status. The display is coupled with an intuitive numeric keypad for easy standalone program entry - simply enter the parameters of your program, start the program and read the results in real time.

Different DV-III models are designed to meet the needs of different applications:

The LV (low viscosity) model in the DV-III rheometer range is ideal for predicting the behavior of inks, dairy products, fruit and vegetable juices, solvents, oils, polymers, biological fluids and a wide variety of chemicals.

Medium viscosity materials such as asphalt, ceramic slurries, gums, ointments, molten adhesives, paper pulp and paints are par for the course with Brookfield Engineering DV-III MV rheometers.

The DV-III HA/HB series are perfect for determining the properties of high viscosity substances including chocolate, roofing compounds, peanut butter, tars, sealants and putties.

Features of the Brookfield Engineering DV-III range of rheometers include:

  • New yield stress measurement feature provides accurate characterizations of startup flow behaviors of viscous substances
  • 2600 speeds for an unparalleled range of material characterizations
  • Integrated RTD probe for sample temperature monitoring
  • Brookfield RheoLoader software for downloading of customized programs
  • Includes viscometer stand, guard leg, carrying case and spindles
  • Optional RS-232, parallel printer and analog voltage outputs


Also available with Brookfield's DV-III rheometer instruments are a range of optional features, components and software including DV-III built in math models which offer analytical capabilities as a standalone unit without requiring an external PC or software including Casson Yield values, Bingham Plastic and IPC Paste analysis, Power Law and NCA/CMA Casson (designed for chocolate) calculations.

Brookfield Engineering Rheocalc software is also available as an optional add-on. This software allows the DV-III unit to be controlled from a connected PC.

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Date added: 2015-05-25 11:02:42