Viscosimeter Products From Malvern

Malvern’s material characterization instrument range has been expanded with the addition of the new SV-10 Vibro viscosimeter. The SV-10 is an easy to use system for measuring the resistance of liquid samples to flow which provides quick, highly accurate and repeatable results.

Its ease of use is unparalleled: simply lower the sensors into the sample and initiate the test using the SV-10’s one touch system. In only fifteen seconds, results are displayed. Cleanup is equally simple – rinse and wipe the Vibro’s gold plated sensors and the SV-10 is ready for the next test.

The SV-10 Vibro is especially useful in applications which combine it with the powerful Zetasizer Nano to provide enhanced accuracy in measurements of size and zeta potential; it is here that the SV-10 viscosimeter is indispensable.

Since the accuracy of results in size measurement using dynamic light scattering or zeta measurement with microelectrophoresis depends on accurate measurements of the viscosity of the dispersant used, the SV-10 makes the perfect complement to this instrument. Features of this viscosimeter include:

  • 1% accuracy over the entire measurement range:  0.3 to 10,000mPa.s (Centipoise)
  • Quick, easy operation and cleaning
  • Gold plated sensors are compatible with all fluids
  • Integrated software allows continuous output of results to external PC for analysis, storage and reporting
  • Temperature control with water jacket (when using recirculating water bath)
  • Viscosimeter handles temperature measurements from 0 to 100 degrees centigrade
  • Two point calibration to cover samples across a wide range of viscosities; calibration can be performed for most samples using demineralized or distilled water


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Date added: 2015-05-25 10:41:45