Vibrating Cup Mill Offers Extremely High Speed Of Grinding

FRITSCH has recently released a modified and redesigned take on its popular Vibrating Cup Mill PULVERISETTE 9 model. This versatile product already sees extensive use in many fields where brittle, hard or fibrous materials need to be ground finely to allow spectroscopic or other analysis.

Current applications include geological laboratories, metallurgy and mining, agricultural and environmental science, and the ceramics industry. Now offering increased grinding power and with a more straightforward user interface, the PULVERISETTE 9 is clearly at the forefront of laboratory grinding solutions.

Respected manufacturer FRITSCH has brought insight and innovation to the design of the PULVERISETTE 9. Using the vibrating mill principle, the grinding set is oscillated on the horizontal plane by a rotating flyweight, thereby using centrifugal force to grind the subject material by friction and impact forces.

The product is the first of its kind in the world, utilising a frequency transformer control which permits the oscillating frequency to adapt to each particular load and, in turn, helping to increase efficiency and reduce the overall grinding time. And with a new drive concept, the current model PULVERISETTE 9 offers operating speeds up to an impressive 1500 rpm.

FRITSCH prides itself on designing products that are highly user-friendly, and this vibrating cup mill is no exception. Intuitive ergonomic design and a simple clamping system mean that placing and fastening the grinding set into position can be done in a matter of seconds. Coupled with ease of cleaning, you have a product that demonstrates impressive simplicity of use.

In addition to ergonomic optimisation, the unit features a user-friendly LCD display with straightforward multi-language navigation menu for easy setting of grinding time, rotational speed and pause periods. And of course, you needn't input fresh instructions to the unit each time - the PULVERISETTE 9 also allows grinding cycles to be programmed and stored to the unit's memory.

As with any high-rpm product, safety was one of the manufacturer's highest priorities in the design of the PULVERISETTE 9. Smart product design allows for safe and fast clamping of the grinding set, which is also monitored automatically by the system. Other features such as a system-defined final position and integrated anti-twist protection mean this product is not only easy to use, but safe even during the most vigorous grinding operation.

The FRITSCH Vibrating Cup Mill PULVERISETTE 9 offers perfect, loss-free grinding results in around half the time of similar products on the market. Combining ease of use with safe and efficient operation, it's easy to see why this vibrating cup mill is used for fine grinding applications in so many industry and laboratory environments.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:04:38