Veterinary LIMS – Not Barking Up The Wrong Tree

For a versatile fully integrated Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) designed especially with the requirements of veterinary pathology in mind look no further than the Matrix Veterinary LIMS from Autoscribe. Based on Autoscribe’s renowned Matrix Gemini LIMS and applying their considerable knowledge of Vet Practice Management, and over 20 years experience in LIMS development, it offers the complete range of functions and facilities required by veterinary Pathology Labs and Pet Cemeteries, as well as allied university departments and commercial concerns.

This modular system can be tailored easily with a powerful configuration tool to match your laboratory’s exact operational routines, whilst retaining flexibility for future revisions and updates. The Matrix Veterinary LIMS can be used over a number of sites, with password-controlled access for each user in your veterinary practice or pathology lab, and visible management control.

It is the wide range of specific veterinary-related functions that really gives Matrix its Vet LIMS credentials. There is complete integration of VeNOM, Vet XML and Microchip codes with rapid barcode scanning and the capability to integrate Vet Lab analysis data. There is ‘time and date stamping’ for audit trails and full regulation compliance is assisted by version control of reference data like test definitions. Also it is easy to automatically apply reference limits to test results providing ‘abnormal value’ warnings. All of which combines to give comprehensive monitoring and tracking of samples at every stage: booking-in, testing, result report and sample disposal. Reports – client analysis tests, invoices, business updates - are readily generated (print, email, or e-fax) and can be client specific and automatically generated when the work is ‘signed off’.

And on the business side of things your facility will have never been better managed. Automated billing is straightforward and can even accommodate special discounts for regular customers as well as calculating their stock levels and re-order requirements. Housekeeping jobs, such as consumable and stationary level monitoring are easy and the software is fully compatible with Sage and other similar accounting packages. The Matrix Veterinary LIMS from Autoscribe really is the complete package.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:09:24