Vaccine Fridges

Panasonic vaccine fridges offer protection and cooling for biomedical samples, whether vaccines, enzymes or other precious products.

These pharmacy fridges are high-quality and high-performance and specifically designed to provide stable temperatures for sample storage in the lab.  Available in a range of sizes, the vaccine coolers are also available with freezer compartments for temperatures down to -30 degrees C. All meet the most exacting standards for medical, biological and pharmaceutical use, with effective and reliable temperature control, quiet operation, ease of use and alarm systems.


This large capacity drug fridge can hold up to 690 litres and is ideal for biomedical laboratories.

Sample protection is a key feature, with Full Cold Wall technology ensuring rapid temperature recovery and consistent temperature distribution throughout.

The adjustable high and low temperature alarms provide protection for sensitive samples and a door-open alarm warns of incorrect closure. Sensors on the compressor give further warnings on any abnormality. All alarms can be attached to a remote system and noise levels are reduced with the fan-free condenser system.


At 1364 litres, the MPR-1411 vaccine storage fridge has the largest capacity in the range, making it the perfect option for high-use labs with many samples. The eight polythene-coated wire shelves ca each hold 50 kg, ensuring there is no need for compromise on drug storage.

The forced air circulation with double fan ensures even and consistent temperature, from 2 to 23 degrees C.

The MPR-1411R vaccine fridge offers the same benefits but with ten coated steel drawers for flexibility.

MPR-721 and MPR 721R models have 684 and 671 litres of storage through four shelves and five drawers respectively, with a single 120 mm fan to ensure even temperature throughout.


The Medi-Cool line of vaccine fridges is equipped with advanced cooling and electronic technology to ensure the ideal temperature for preservation of biomedical samples.

An hermetic compressor gives powerful, immediate cooling and the electronic temperature control maintains the desired level of cooling.

Double-panel glass doors in these drug fridges feature heat-reflective film to prevent temperature change even in high-use environments, and the alarm and safety devices provide security and effective preservation.

At 340 litres, the MPR-3111 models give the highest capacity, with the MPR-161 offering 158 litres of storage. Models with drawers or shelves are available, both of which can be customised to suit exact requirements.

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