Ultra Low Freezer Is So Energy Efficient

The new Panasonic MDF-U76V ultra low freezer really does present the best of both worlds, providing a perfect balance between refrigeration performance and truly outstanding energy efficiency.  In terms of energy efficiency alone, the product is simply the best in its class.  Add to that excellent cooling performance and industry-leading reliability and safety standards ... and you know you're on to a winner.

The MDF-U76V offers users confidence and security when it comes to the storage of important research and clinical samples, making this ultra-low freezer the product of choice for all manner of laboratory environments including (but not limited to) medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology research.

This exciting new freezer from Panasonic - an industry-leading provider of quality biomedical products - promises lower running costs and related environmental benefits by being, quite simply, the most energy-efficient 700 litre -86ºC ultra-low freezer available on the market today.  Independent testing has rated the MDF-U76V's power consumption at an impressive 13.77kWh/24hr.

The MDF-U76V incorporates a number of innovative design features and specially designed components that all contribute to the product's astonishing energy efficiency rating, while also enhancing reliability and overall performance.  Features such as SANYO's new capillary tube heat exchange system, advanced patented vacuum insulation panels and ground-breaking Cool Safe compressor technology mean overall refrigeration efficiency and temperature recovery after door openings are significantly improved compared to similar ultra-low freezer products.

Other high-end features of the MDF-U76V include a strategically designed evaporator coil that surrounds the chamber interior and provides unprecedented optimum temperature uniformity from the top to the bottom of the unit.  If that wasn't enough, Panasonic have also combined advanced condenser fan blade design, anti-vibration systems and noise-reducing insulation to achieve exceptionally quiet ultra-low freezer operation.

Further efficiency can be achieved with the MDF-U76V's optional water-cooled condenser.  This allows labs with a recirculating chilled water system to reduce their requirements for air condition in the freezer facility environment.  In combination with the product's other energy-efficient features, this allows true savings to be made compared with similar freezers in its class.

Whatever your preservation and refrigeration needs, the Panasonic MDF-U76V ultra-low freezer represents design elegance and manufacturing excellence combined in a product that is ideal for use in research laboratories and hospitals for both short-term and long-term biological sample preservation.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:55:13