UV Vis Spectrophotometer Range From Biochrom

Biochrom has 35 years of experience designing and manufacturing spectrophotometers, expertise available for your benefit in the form of the Libra UV Vis Spectrophotometer range. These spectrophotometers are ideal for virtually any laboratory and are designed for a wide range of applications.

Libra S12 Spectrophotometer

Created for applications in industrial and analytical laboratories, the Libra S12 performs to higher specifications and is compatible with a wide range of accessories. The S12 features absorbance, absorbance ratio, factor concentration and transmittance modes along with absorbance against time and scanning functionality.

Features with the QC environment in mind are included such as reaction rate slope calculation, standard curve mode, multi-wavelength equation definition and user-defined method storage. The S12 can graphically display standard curve, scan and kinetics routines which can then be printed or stored.

The Libra S12 UV Vis spectrophotometer uses advanced, yet user-friendly software which allows laboratory managers to customize the startup menu for the needs of the laboratory environment, making changes as needed.

A standard 25-pin port for output to chart recorder or PC with the proper interface which can also be used with any compatible parallel port printer is built in. Optional Acquire Lite software for PC can be used to add more output capabilities to the Libra S12.

The Biochrom Libra S11 is also available; this model covers the visible wavelength range

Libra S22 UV Vis Spectrophotometer

Biochrom’s Libra S22 uv visible spectrophotometer provides next-generation performance coupled with user-friendly interface design and advanced features.

The Libra S22 features Xenon lamp technology for long lamp lifetime and low maintenance costs, optical noise compensation to improve signal to background measurements and Instrument Performance Validation (IPV) to provide proof of result quality which can be displayed on-screen or printed, features which make the S22 a welcome addition to any laboratory.

A standard curve routine for analyte determination is available along with absorbance, concentration and transmittance measurement capabilities. Standard curves, absorbance changes with time, reaction rate determinations and wavelength scans complete with zoom can be graphically displayed or printed.

The Libra S22 UV Vis spectrophotometer includes a multi-wavelength mode which allows user-defined equations to be entered. As many as 18 methods can be saved in separate operator folders, making the Libra S22 ideal for busy laboratory environments. Optional Acquire software for PC can add data manipulation and other sophisticated functionality to the instrument.

The Libra S22 is compatible with a wide range of accessories and has a large sample compartment, lending this reliable spectrophotometer the versatility to become a star performer in virtually any laboratory with a need for a UV Vis spectrophotometer for general purpose measurements.

The Biochrom Libra S21 is also available; this model covers the visible wavelength range Libra S32/S32PC Spectrophotometer.

High specification 1.8nm bandwidth systems, Biochrom’s Libra S32 and S32PC models are designed with the busy environment of multi-user pharmaceutical, research or analytical laboratories in mind.

Featuring lamp-saving press to read technology which uses the lamp only during the measurement cycle, the Libra32 is a powerful, compact instrument with integrated software and graphical display which keeps operation costs to a minimum.

The Libra S32’s optical system uses high energy Tungsten and Deuterium sources for optimal performance, features an 8-position sample changer and rapid scan capabilities to meet the demands of pharmaceutical, analytical and research laboratories for speed, accuracy and reliability.

The Libra S32PC is also available; this model requires a PC desktop or laptop and includes a serial cable and Acquire software.

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