UV Spectrophotometer With Power And Grace

With quick and easy operation powered by cutting edge integrated control software, the Aquarius range of UV spectrophotometer instruments from Cecil instruments are versatile, accurate and easily configurable. The standard set of integrated software is comprehensive but can be added to at any time by using the Cecil E-SEF system to add optional software modules as needed.

Double Beam Optical System

Aquarius instruments use a fully symmetrical double beam spectrophotometer system to provide the best in stability and accurate measurement capabilities. Sample and reference beams are included which use the same sampling space and facilities to allow for a wide variety of requirements; with Aquarius, you're not limited to a single cell in the spectrophotometer's reference beam.Scrollable Viewing

The display screen can scroll data to display six screens (550 mm). This scrolling capability allows for longer scans, plots and spectral data to be viewed unlike other instruments which only permit a single screen width of data to be displayed.

Rapid Menu Operation

The high resolution backlit LCD display includes menus with easy to follow prompts for all applications and procedures. Data including plots, curves and scans is displayed on-screen for easy reprocessing before saving or printing.

Secure Integrated Memory

Plenty of secure onboard memory is included to store password/security code protected methods, curves, scans, plots, kinetic curves and other data. All stored data can be recalled and reprocessed, manipulated or printed at any time. This is a real advantage to this quality UV spectrophotometer.

Dynamic Scan Recall

Automatic storage of the last eight scans or plots performed is a standard feature in the Aquarius UV spectrophotometer range - saving time on scan storage procedures. This data is stored automatically as it is produced; simply entering the proper sequence number calls up the stored data.

Recalled scans and plots can be manipulated, reprocessed, overlaid with other live or stored scans. The reprocessed or recalled data can easily be securely stored.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:54:59