Trace Analysis Instrument Range From Metrohm

Metrohm’s MVA (Metrohm Voltammetry Analysis) trace analysis systems are well known as among the most versatile of their type, with the high performance standards characteristic of the products produced and distributed by the company. 

Metrohm produces a range of three systems for this application in addition to their popular MVA range for CVS applications. Each sets the standard for accurate, reliable voltammetry solutions for the industry, with the company’s systems widely used in laboratories, production processes and educational settings.

The Metrohm range of instruments are made with small sample throughput environments in mind. They’re compact high performance systems which provide users with voltammetric trace analysis which is perfect for the demands of small scale analytics.

All instruments in this range are designed for analysis of up to 18 samples and are ideally suited for educational applications and routine sample analysis in the laboratory. A PC is not included with these systems.

The Metrohm VA analysis product range includes the Fully automated 797 VA Computrace system

This fully automated system is perfectly suited for automated analysis of samples in applications where one or two parameters need to be analyzed for in a single operation.

The system includes:

  • The 797 VA Computrace trace analysis system
  • The Metrohm 863 Compact VA Autosampler
  • Two 800 Dosinos for automated addition of auxiliary solutions

Date added: 2015-05-25 13:00:56