Built on the famously reliable TC-3000 thermalcycler, the TC-3000X is a compact thermal cycler for laboratories who need a little more performance and a little more capacity from a unit with an incredibly small footprint on the laboratory bench.  It has a larger sample capacity which allow it to accommodate 48 .2 ml tubes or a 48 well plate for convenience.

Features of the TC-3000X include:

  • Sample capacity of 48 .2 ml tubes of 30 .5 ml tubes
  • Small footprint (561 cm2)
  • Heating rate 3.3°C/sec; cooling rate 2.0°C/sec
  • Adjustable heated lid can be configured for use with 48-well plates (sealed with sealing mats), PCR tubes or strip tubes
  • Intuitive, user-friendly programming and templates for streamlined creation of complex protocols
  • TC-3000X thermalcycler can be linked with up to 32 other Techne cyclers and networked to a single external PC


The Bibby Scientific Techne TC-3000G gradient cycler is the smallest gradient thermal cycler in the world. The unit can hold half of a 96 well plate horizontally, with eight columns for optimizing annealing temperature (over a 15°C gradient between 20 and 80°C) and six rows for the optimization of reagents.

In addition to the features of the TC-3000 and TC-3000X, the TC-3000G also offers:

  • Capacity of 30 .5 ml blocks or 48 .2 ml blocks
  • Temperature range of  4°C to 99°C; 3.3°C/sec temperature ramp rate
  • 20°C to 80°C gradient range
  • Improved software which allows addition of a gradient at any temperature step of the program
  • Gradient calculation for individual temperature display of each of the TC-3000G thermalcycler unit’s eight columns for easier thermal condition replication


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