Thermal Cyclers

Bibby Scientific’s Techne range of products includes a variety of thermal cyclers which provide users with high performance for high throughput applications; these cyclers are well suited to applications involving large numbers of parallel samples. The range includes the Techne TC-4000 and TC-5000.

These cyclers provide user-friendly, easily interchangeable block systems; the system allows for quick exchange of blocks without tools.  Each block uses eight Peltier units with four independent control sensors with incremental time and temperature for Touchdown PCR and other applications. Both of these units can be connected to other Techne cyclers and networked to a PC for use in high throughput applications with Gensoft software.

The TC-4000 is among the most economical full size thermal cyclers available. The unit provides high performance and flexibility for use with a variety of protocols at a price which fits into any budget.

Features of the TC-4000 include:

  • 4°C to 99°C temperature range
  • Heating rate of 2.6°C/sec; block uniformity of ±0.3°C at 50°C
  • Programmable heated lid (100°C to 115°C) comes on when block is set above 35°C
  • User-friendly four line display and alphanumeric programming for ease of use; copy and edit functions and password protection are included


The Bibby Scientific Techne TC-5000 thermal cyclers makes it easy to optimize experiments with a single touch of the unit’s user-friendly touch screen. Features of Techne TC-5000 include:

  • Real time graphical display of sample temperature profile including upper and lower gradient limits while program is running for visualization and monitoring of experiments in real time
  • 115 x 90mm touch screen for easy programming
  • range 20°C to 70°C gradient range
  • 3°C/sec heating rate; block uniformity of ±0.3°C at 50°C with or without gradient
  • Gradient calculator function for individual temperature display of each column for better experimental condition replication

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