The ANALYSETTE 28 ImageTec Particle Sizer for Rapid Analysis of Suspensions and Emulsions

If you require a really fast and really easy-to-us particle analysis system, one that applies the best in dynamic image analysis then you should be looking at the ANALYSETTE 28 ImageTec Particle Sizer. This is the ideal Particle Sizer for easy wet measurement, with strong pumping power, of particles up to 2.8 mm in both suspensions and emulsions.

Thanks to Dynamic Image Analysis particle size, shape and agglomerates are recognized in even the smallest volumes and can be viewed as single images and thus sorted out after measuring. The ANALYSETTE 28 ImageTec comes with a robust, high-performance camera with apochromatic lenses and has a unique lens revolver that can be equipped with up to 5 lenses simultaneously.

This ensures that the optimal lens for the measuring range you require (between 1 μm – 2.8 mm) can be selected, via the intuitive software, and saved in the SOP. Plus, measurements may be conducted, one after the other, with different lenses and then displayed together for an overall result.

In order to ensure the perfect sample dispersion the sample is fed into a closed liquid circulatory system and then pumped at high pressure through the measuring cell, between the camera and LED strobe light. Images are thereby obtained continuously providing a variety of evaluation possibilities.

An integrated ultrasonic emitter alongside the adjustable dispersion conditions makes sure that agglomerates are degraded rapidly and effectively. They can also be adjusted precisely to each sample. Thanks to the integrated water connection the wet dispersion unit can be automatically cleaned and refilled with new liquid after each measurement, meaning the ANALYSETTE 28 ImageTec is capable of a high volume through-put.

With practical tools for reliable quality monitoring, and an extensive library for morphological analysis, alongside individual presentation of results, the ANALYSETTE 28 ImageTec is the fast alternative to sieving.

Date added: 2015-09-15 12:23:36