Texture Analysis With The CT3 From Brookfield

Designed for evaluating the texture of a wide variety of materials through compression and tensile test methods, the Brookfield Engineering CT3 texture analyzer is capable of producing data on the physical properties of materials. The CT3 is ideal for evaluating the texture of foodstuffs due to these methods which line up closely with actual sensory experience, though the possibilities hardly end at food. The CT3 provides high end texture analysis performance at a cost which is only a fraction of many higher end models while offering nearly endless versatility.

Further functionality can be added to the Brookfield Engineering CT3 analyzer with a number of optional accessories and Brookfield's industry leading Texture Loader and the optional TexturePro CT software package.  This powerful and easy to use texture analyzer is the perfect solution for any quality control or research and development department which can handle nearly any physical testing while being one of the most inexpensive instruments of its type and taking up little benchtop space.

Brookfield Engineering have taken the needs and opinions of their customers into account in the design and development process. The result is this powerful, versatile and most importantly, durable standalone analyzer which works equally well in the laboratory or the production floor; and since it's so portable, it can be taken anywhere you need it to be with ease. The CT3 texture analyzer offers six different text modes, providing far more capabilities than do any other texture analysis instruments without the assistance of a connected computer and the use of specifically designed software.

The CT3 is incredibly easy to use and has virtually no learning curve and can be mastered within minutes. Using grips and a probe to simulate tension and compression forces, respectively, the CT3 is capable of reproducing nearly any needed conditions in samples of food and other consumer products and other materials. The CT3 texture analyzer uses a calibrated load cell to measure resistance in grams or Newtons, providing quick, accurate information in the physical characteristics of the sample which can then be put to use for quality control purposes or to refine manufacturing processes for higher efficiency and better results.

Brookfield Engineering's Texture Loader and optional Texture Pro CT software and a connected PC allow the CT3's capabilities to be extended to include as many as ten custom user created test methods and full control of the analyzer via PC for even more data gathering and analytical horsepower.

Features of the Brookfield Engineering CT3 texture analyzer include:

  • Single and multiple compression cycle testing
  • Compress and hold testing
  • Gelatin bloom strength testing (compliant with GME/GMIA bloom assessment monographs)
  • Texture profile analysis
  • Tensile testing
  • Five different load ranges, including loads of up to 50 kilograms
  • USB and RS232 ports for data export and printing

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Date added: 2015-05-25 13:13:06