Surface Area Measurement Capabilities From Meritics

The Meritics range of surface area and porosimetry equipment makes analysis in the lab a more productive process.

Thermo Scientific Surfer

The Thermo Scientific Surfer utilises the very latest technology to characterise solids and powders, making surface area and pore size measurement a straightforward process. It applies the static volumetric method to determine the quantitative interaction of gases with the free surface of solids and powders at cryogenic temperature. Designed to meet the most demanding requirements, it offers precision, reproducibility and speed for lab analysis.

Furthermore, even the smallest samples can be analysed, thanks to the greatly reduced dead volumes, high precision control of the cryogenic liquid level and special algorithm for pressure measurement linearization. This also has the added benefit of reducing analysis time - particularly useful when most methods require more than twice the sample size and more than a day to produce results!

The Thermo Scientific Surfer is also highly customisable, thanks to its modular nature. This means users can accurately analyse any material, whether it is non-porous or has a large surface area. A range of vacuum pumps, pressure gauges, valve types and other peripherals allows for further customisation and upgrade.

Acorn AreA

The Acorn AreA uses nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) to allow measuring surface area of a wide range of particles in suspensions.

It uses the fact that liquid molecules in free solution  have a different NMR relaxation time from those which are attached to the particle surface. By measuring this difference it can calculate surface area.

Because this technique does not make assumptions about particle shape or size and does not require lengthy sample preparation, it can measure most samples without dilution.

The Acorn AreA is compact and easy to use, providing surface area measurements in under five minutes.

Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry

The mercury proximity technique allows the porous structure of solid samples to be analysed in a quantitative way. It gives reliable information on pore size and volume distribution, particle size distribution and bulk density.

The new generation of mercury intrusion porosimeters feature Pressurisation by Automatic Speed-up and Continuous Adjustment Logic, PASCAL. This special operating principal developed by Thermo Fisher Scientific reduces run times by up to 30%, providing fast automated measurements with selected intrusion/extrusion speed rates. This helps to minimise hysteresis effects, giving maximum resolution in minimum time.

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