Surface Area Analyzer From Micromeritics

For precise and repeatable calculations of surface area and porosity, the 2390 Type Surface area Analyzers are an excellent choice. They are economical, produce rapid results and are simple to use. Reliability and sturdiness are inbuilt, and combined with their technical excellence, have made the Gemini a popular choice of surface analyzer in many research establishments and laboratories across the world. They are capable of determining single and multi point BET, as well as Langmuir surface areas, complete pore volume, plus micropore study via the t-method.

The Gemini's Bespoke Uniqueness

The Gemini has been carefully and thoughtfully designed to offer the sort of special facilities only previously expected from the more expensive products on the market. A built in common mode rejection facility ensures that most of the error sources found in the other more traditional static volumetric equipments are negated. The result is a product that provides unique, reliable measurements, time after time. Through its use of Nitrogen, rather than Krypton like many of its competitors, the Gemini can measure various materials that have extremely small surface areas.

Krypton is not only more costly, but it necessitates using pumps and other various products within the analyzer, when measuring low pressures. But because the Gemini doesn't require these extras, due to its operation with Nitrogen, it affords a lower buying price, and both lower operating and maintenance costs.

  • The Windows® version comes with simple instructions including a helpful step by step set-up instruction video, plus system checks that maximize performance and dependability. It also comes complete with an on screen operational guide.
  • With its patented twin-tube construction, the Gemini does away with any free space errors that could otherwise creep in through thermal gradient movements, or the erroneous measurement of free space during the start up phase.
  • The Gemini also facilitates low surface area readings (without the use of Krypton), through its elimination of any free-space error, which is the limiting factor with most other static volumetric products on the market.
  • It also speeds up analysis due to control of the quantity of analytical gas being directed at the sample. This means that the Gemini performs as fast the laws of adsorption will allow.
  • A servo valve used to control the rate of gas delivered to the sample tube guarantees that the desired pressure is reached without being overshot. Also, as it doesn't utilize a ‘pulse and equilibrate' system, and over dosing is also negated.
  • The Gemini comes with 3 options of software programs and a built in keypad allowing operational freedom from an outside PC, Windows® XP or Vista operating system, or the Gemini VII confirmTM 21 CFR Part 11 option.


There are 3 Gemini VII Model Options

Gemini VII 2390a - the 2390a is perfect for fast and accurate surface area measurement. It also offers standard procedures for: single point or Langmuir surface areas, overall pore count, micropore study using the t-method, plus lots more besides. The 2390a can also measure the STSA of carbon blacks,

Gemini VII 2390p - this model provides additional accuracy through the incorporation of a PO tube which permits the operator to measure the saturation pressure of adsorptive on an ongoing basis. It has been designed to offer the fast measurement of the adsorption isotherm.

Gemini VII 2390t - the 2390t contains all of the features of the 2390 variant, but it can also carry out a BJH or Dollimore Heal pore size disperal, incorporating adsorption and desorption isotherms measuring a maximum of 1000 points. In addition to a bigger Dewar, and longer sample tubes, the 2390t design also incorporates a PO tube.

All Gemini Series surface area analyzers utilize the Static Volumetric Method to provide rapid surface area and porosity analysis.


  • Economic to buy and operate
  • Total automatic working
  • Maximum efficiency - as many as 4 Geminis can be run with one computer
  • Facility to measure low surface area products
  • Keypad or computer-operation with Windows-driven programs
  • Choice of analysis mode (scan or equilibrate)
  • Pressure overshoot negated
  • Inbuilt common mode stripping of free-space error effects
  • Erroneous Thermal-diffusion reports eradicated
  • Incorporation of stainless-steel Dewars
  • 21 CFR Part 11 software choice
  • IQ/OQ Validation service (only if required)

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:03:12