Laboratory supplier? - We create a series of targeted microsites for your products.

If you are a laboratory supplier, we can direct buyers of lab products to your pages. How? Well, we offer a unique service where we create very targeted product microsites. These pages are based around 'high search volume' keywords and phrases for your products and applications and we rewrite and optimise everything for you. Our unique style of writing and our associated blog at bloghazard means great coverage for you. It also creates a unique experience for your potential customers and search engines and this is very important.

The service is designed to work alongside your own website optimisation and not against it. As you know the web is full of content, but a lot of it is not great quality. What's more, loads of it has been scraped or copied by low quality websites looking to make quick cash from adsense and other contextual ad formats. Search engines are now becoming wise to this tactic and they are ultimately cleaning up on sites that only offer duplicated content to their visitors. The content on labface is unique and well optimised. It also offers a different experience to end-users and provides them with a simple route to your site or further information.



First of all suppliers like you register their interest and we research the market for you based on the best search phrases for your particular products and services. We want to work with you on this and not against you so we'll make sure that your pages offer complimentary SEO value. You'll notice a tabbed system on your company profile containing other data and links to product profile pages, news items and applications we have written for you. We really do take the work away from you on labface!

You can see from the screenshot below that your product pages include a landing page link, a 'ask the supplier link' and a video and PDF link so buyers have a choice. We can even upload your videos to show on your pages for added impact.



The system on Labface is designed to be simple for everyone. Suppliers don't have to create their own pages because we do it for them and buyers just get great looking relevant content without the clutter.

Why not explore Labface a bit more and take a look at some of the examples we have on the site. Then, just contact us and we can discuss ways in which we can produce the best quality sales leads, clicks and requests for you on Labface.

View the relevant FAQ and help pages for more information. Or click on the pdf and video links at the top of this page.

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