Sterile Syringe Filters for Various Volumes

Pre-assembled sterile syringe filters from Sartorius save you time - that's true. There are none of the contamination risks you might get with a syringe filter system you are putting together yourself, that's true too and, of course, you don't have to worry about cleaning them afterwards.

However, the main advantage, as anybody who has ever had serious problems with a small volume of precious material (or a large amount of dangerous material!) will endorse, is simply that they do not leak! There is nothing like an accident with 10 ml of uranyl acetate or 1.0 ml of precious synthetic peptide to realise that sterile syringe filters are not just ‘time-saving' they are ‘sanity-saving' too!

Whatever your requirements: liquid sample cleaning, sterile filtration, or particle removal; gas scrubbing or ultra-cleaning, there is nothing to match the extra confidence provided by a pre-packaged sterile syringe filter as exemplified by that popular laboratory staple: the Minisart NML.

The Sartorius range of sterile syringe filters offers versatility as well, with proven quality and economy. The Minisart RC has hydrophilic, solvent resistant RC membranes for ultracleaning small volumes for GC or HPLC analysis, while the chemically inert PTFE membrane of the Minisart SRP offers greater chemical resistance when organic solvents like DMSO, dimethylformamide and acetone, or aggressive aqueous solutions, are used in your analysis.

If you require a more robust initial cleaning then the Minisart GF has 98% retention efficiency, as measured using 1.2 µm spherical particles. The Minisart GF has a glass fibre filter that is also put to good effect in the Minisart Plus. In the latter sterile syringe filter the glass fibre filter acts as a prefilter for the sterilisation of difficult to filter liquids, sitting on top of the main filter, producing a highly effective system that can double throughputs.

The Minisart HY is specially designed for the reliable sterile venting of bioreactors or small fermenters and culture media containers. These one-use 26 mm units have a Cyrolite® housing and a polyester-reinforced PTFE membrane. For removing particles and sterilising air, and other gasses, there is the Minisart Air, while the Acticosart sterile syringe filters are available for ultra-scrubbing of gasses.

The Acticosart features a MBS housing with a high-adsorptive active carbon filling ideal for absorbing unwanted odours and vapours. Sartorius do, of course, also offer a range of reusable filter holders: a polycarbonate holder for aqueous solutions, a PTFE holder for solvents and a heat-resistant stainless steel holder, with a PTFE coating to ensure leak-proof sealing, for solvents and chemicals.

When it come to sterile filter holders, and filter holders in general, Sartorius really do seem to have every eventuality catered for.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:00:22